The consultant companies Cenergia and Kuben Management join forces

From October 1, 2016 Cenergia Energy Consultants has become part of Kuben Management A/S.

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CENERGIA is a consulting engineering company, established in 1982 by four employees at the Thermal Insulation Laboratory at the Technical University of Denmark (now: byg.dtu). We work for sustainability in building through participation in national and international cooperation projects that:

- demonstrate new knowledge of energy savings and utilisation of renewable energy in building projects, e.g. in urban ecological projects;
- develop energy saving, sustainable technologies further and put these into practise;
- develop calculation tools for application by design and total economic optimisation of housing projects;
- provide and communicate new knowledge of sustainable building.

Our activities span initiation, planning and evaluation of demonstration projects, contribution to process and product development via energy planning and project management of international cooperation projects within these fields.

In Denmark, CENERGIA co-operates with housing associations, local authorities, architects and other consulting engineering companies, suppliers, contractors, the Danish Building Research Institute, the Technical University of Denmark, the Danish Technological Institute, Association of Sustainable Cities and Buildings FBBB, The Active House Denmark Association, Solar City Copenhagen and European Green Cities. In addition to this, we co-operate with an extensive international network of institutes and consultants. Cenergia is also working with environmental labelling and certification within the building sector.

Energy Consultants

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Status May 2016 of Nordic Built ARF in Sustainable Renovation
The Nordic Built Active Roofs and Facades in Sustainable Renovation project has now been running for 2 years and with great success.
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Nordic Built - Active Roofs and Facades in Sustainable Renovation
The Nordic Built “Active Roofs and Facades”
project is supported by Nordic Innovation
allowing strong development of leading
Nordic competences in the area of building
renovation. This is achieved by creating
transnational Public Private Partnership
models to support the development towards
nearly zero energy building solutions and
associated performance documentation –
which is required in the EU building directive.
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The Green Solar Cities book
The Green Solar Cities book was finalised during 2014, and is available from Routledge.
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